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Slimming Cellulite Treatment

Lipo Light

$ 150

The Lipo light uses cold laser light to reduce the appearance of fat. It gently absorbs fat cells, permanently shrinking the fat content and resulting in inch loss.

Lipo Cavitation

$ 175

Lipo Cavitation uses Ultrasound to help breakdown fat cells and reduce cellulite. This treatment is perfect for stubborn fat deposits.

Lipo Slimming Cellulite Teatment

$ 150

This treatment is for losing inches and firming. A special herbal massage eliminates toxins, stimulates blood circulation and reduces the appearance of cellulite and fat.

Radio Frequency Body Contouring

$ 380

Radio Frequency technology that has advanced bi- polar focus wave system. This penetrates through the sub-dermal and dermal layers; that helps make you slim as it creases metabolism and burns calories for inch loss. Stimulates collagen in the skin’s connective tissues. It results in immediate tissue tightening, with minimal discomfort and no down time.

Lymph Drainage Massage

$ 180

This technique reduces water retention and removes toxins (including the cellulite tissues) by boosting the lymph flow. Highly recommended for water retention, cellulite, poor circulation, liposuction and lasersurgery. Please inform your therapist of any existing health conditions as it is not intended for clients with any form of cancer or the extraction of lymph nodes.

Slimming Cellulite Package

$ 350

This treatment package gives you optimum results to reduce cellulite production and lessen fat appearance. Choose three treatments in one session. Series recommended (10 sessions) for $300 per session pay upfront.

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