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East Influence

$ 180

This specific Chinese technique works to restore the Chi and the flow of positive energy throughout the body using herbal heat compresses, great tools of ancient healers. This treatment deeply soothes muscular aches and pains, promotes blood circulation, releases stress and gives you more energy and youthfulness.

Deep Inner Balance

$ 150

This massage incorporates acupressure techniques that releases deep muscular tension and promotes the circulation of the body’s life force (Qi) to aid healing. Using a combination of the deep and soft pressure to relax the muscle and balance your body’s energy.

Aroma Harmony

$ 150

Designed to stimulate meridian harmony, this unique mind, body and soul experience combines the aroma oil with various relaxation massage techniques to induce a deep sense of calm. The full body massage stimulates a sense of wellbeing and relaxation.

Detox and De-stress

$ 300

Enjoy this luxury treatment combine with Lymphatic drainage technique ,detoxing and deep relaxing your body. This treatment will awaken your senses and stimulate your meridian harmony. Any remaining tension will be released. Including Scalp Massage to relieve all the internal stresses of the day.

Oriental Foot Therapy

$ 120

A very old therapy linking reflex zones on the feet to specific parts of the body. Relief from pain, illness and stress come from putting pressure on the appropriate reflex zones of the feet. This treatment includes a choice of herb or floral footbath. Don't overlook the techniques of ancient remedies...the healing power of herbs and plants is far deeper and greater than what you only see on the surface.

True Love side by side for the Body

$ 300

Aromatherapy for the body Two Minds, Two Bodies, Two Souls... in Harmony. An exotic blend of therapeutic-grade essential oils are skillfully applied to the back with a deeply soothing application- melting away stress and tension. This special blend of uplifting oils promotes lasting romantic and spiritual love, and inspires romance and togetherness.

Aromatic Stone Therapy

$ 180

Feel completely revitalized , deep relaxation and circulation with our hot stone technique. The full body massage stimulates a sense of well- being and soothes muscular aches and stress.

Lymph Drainage Massage For Face & Body

$ 180

This technique helps to fight water retention and removes toxins out of the peripheral tissues (including the cellulite tissues) by boosting both blood circulation and lymph flow to naturally expels toxins, excess water and waste products. This massage is a gentle rthymthic massage that will give you a very relaxing experience. It is highly recommended for water retention, cellulite and poor circulation as well as pre/post-cosmetic surgery, liposuction, laser surgery. Please inform your therapist of any existing health conditions.This treatment is not intended for clients who have, or have had any form of cancer or the extraction of lymph nodes in previous surgeries as a result of other health conditions.