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      "Celebrating 13 years in Business in Upper West Side, New York City"

       At Yin Beauty & Arts Spa, we creates an environment where confidence will be inspired so you can                        look and feel your very best. With our 13 years experience in health and wellness, we are dedicated to                  providing safe and effective treatment and superior customer satisfaction. 

       The Yin Beauty & Arts spa is proud to introduce Ancient Healing & Beauty Arts through Feng Shui.                       Our treatments combines inner spiritual peace and outer beauty naturally. We create balance and well-                   being in one's life and environment.

       Yin offers exclusive anti-aging treatment in soothing surroundings, and blends Eastern and Western                      touches. Our secret techniques will enhance your skin, the stresses of modern life will disappear, and                    all impurities will dissolve under the gentle fingers of Yin's therapists, who are highly trained.  

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