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  • Embark, on our luxurious Zen Spa Journey Side-by-Side with Your Loved One 2 Hours $195.00 per Person (Reg. $215) Couples rooms and Gift Certificates are available.
  • $ 195.00


    • Aromatherapy for the body Two Minds, Two Bodies, Two Souls… in Harmony. An exotic blend of therapeutic-grade essential oils are skillfully applied to the back with a deeply soothing application- melting away stress and tension. This special blend of uplifting oils promotes lasting romantic and spiritual love, and inspires romance and togetherness.Followed by (choice) of Facial Sweet Rose Facial Fragrant garden fresh roses and lightly steamed rosehips brimming with Vitamin-c are the main ingredients in this nurturing and soothing anti-aging botanical facial that is designed for the most sensitive or irritated skin. Relieves the face of any signs of stress, leaving it glowing, toned, and kissabley soft. or Champagne Facial Luxurious champagne is combined with wine and grape seed oil in this nurturing facial. Removes dead surface cells and evens skin tone while deeply infusing it with energizing moisture and antioxidants. Great for dry, stressed and dehydrated skin. Includes a Delicious Rejuvenating Cocktail or Rose Bud Tea
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  • Feng Shui Gemstone Spa Package 2 hours 30 minutes for
  • $ 225


    • According to Chinese Feng Shui, winter is the season for restoring the body’s Qi energy¡­to be true, to be pure. Embark on this blissful journey of total relaxation and purification.As you check in, stress and negative energy are left outside. You have a choice of Thai Herbal Stream Re-treatment-your body will be gently warmed from head to toe, through deeply inhaling the delicate fragrances of natural herbs. Your body, mind and spirit will be lifted off to another world.ORSoothing Crystal Foot Bath-Pamper your tired feet in the frothy warmth of a Jelly-Crystal bath. An experience you will not want to miss.Body-Balance & Restore-The next destination of your journey begins with gentle exfoliation using our special warm jade stone. Energy passageways are opened and restored through our signature healing technique. Energy is further rebalanced as special warm gemstones are gently rolled over the body’s Qi energy centers. Finally, submerge yourself in the comforting cocoon of well-being as your body is enveloped in a rich, warm shea-butter wrap.Gemstone Facial-Complete your experience with this peaceful facial – the perfect synergy of Eastern and Western worlds. The deep cleansing power of sapphire crystals and semi-precious gemstones polishes and purifies the skin. A gentle massage of the lymphatic system stimulates drainage and rebalances the root cause of many skin conditions. Gemstones induce a state of deep relaxation and provide a toning effect on chief energy areas. The skin is restored as nature intended.For added luxury, a Crystal Collagen Mask may be combined with ultra-sonic technology to deeply hydrate, nourish and soothe the skin. $65.00 extra.During Your Experience-you will be presented with one of our Crystal Tea’s – Love, Peace, Purity, or Energy.
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  • Power of Gold Royal Regenerating/Body Treatment 2.5 hour
  • $ 395



    GOLD is the symbol for well-being, strength and warmth. Gold renews, revitalizes and is known for its healing powers. The golden shimmer protects against damage from the environment – an excellent way to slow down the aging process.

    Thanks to this elegant and exquisite treatment, one can achieve everything that one can dream of in a body treatment – the skin is nourished, moisturized, radiant and fully revitalized. An elixir of beauty and youth starts with the use of an IONIC Brush which provides an energetic and invigorating massage, eliminating dead skin cells and toxins. The pure 24 carat gold leaf is mixed with golden body oil which has a revitalizing effect on the skin, leaving it soft and glowing. You will receive a full massage with a gold wrap.


    Unveil a more radiant, younger looking complexion with this beautiful facial treatment that uses a powerful anti-aging peptide to help minimize lines and wrinkles. Using Pure Gold infused with sea minerals to revive and regenerate cell metabolism, delivering fresh hydrating nutrients to skin. Scientific findings about the medicinal action of gold were the inspiration for this Power of Gold Royal Spa Treatment!

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  • Renewal & Recovery Spa Package 2.5 Hour $250/person $230/Person - parties of 2+
  • $ 230


    • Chi – Recovery bodyDry brushing renews the skin and detoxifies the body, stimulating the lymphatic system. Using precisely blended essential oils to meet your specific needs, our therapists gently work in their natural healing properties, releasing tension and improving Chi flow.Ear candlingA Deep Cleansing and Detoxifying of the Ear & Sinus CanalsFruit Enzyme Recovery FacialThis facial combines the enzymes: papain and bromelain in a non-abrasive exfoliant to reduce dead skin build up. Naturally vibrant spearmint and camphor oils awaken the skin and senses while brightening the complexion. A facial so incredible
      you won¡¯t be able to resist!
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  • Goji Longevity Ritual Spa Package 2.5 Hours $275/person Duet: $248/person - parties of 2+
  • $ 275


  • The Himalayans are said to have shared their healing wisdom with the ancient herbalists of Asia. Flourishing in the valleys of the Himalayas for decades, the nutrient dense Goji Berry has been consumed and otherwise utilized for its infinite healing properties, and has also been said to be the key to longevity and quality of life.

    The Ritual Begins with a Soothing Goji Berry Footbath.

    Treatment of the feet continues with acupressure massage and our relaxing rhythmic foot percussion, which combines exclusive reflex zone tools with the healing energy of our signature drum technique to energize the body, opening up energy pathways, improving circulation, stimulating nerve function and boosting the immune system.

    Treatment of the body begins with our signature Rhythmic Body Therapy, utilizing a delicious blend of therapeutic oils, and the extract of the Goji Berry. Soothing Percussion therapy along the urinary-bladder channel regulates organ and system function while boosting Qi energy.

    While enveloped in a Goji Berry infused Shea Butter wrap, a custom Detoxifying/De-Stressing Facial with acupressure massage will leave the soul relaxed and the skin deeply cleansed. The treatment is concluded with an anti-oxidant rich Gogi Berry Hydrating Mask – sure to bring out the natural health and radiance of your skin, and protect you from environmental damage.

    To give you the full range of its benefits, our Goji Berry Cocktail is served during your treatment.

    Health Benefits of the Gogi Berry:

    Rich Source of Vitamin C

    High in Polysaccharides which help combat free radicals, protecting against premature aging.

    Over 15% Protein

    21 Essential Minerals

    18 Amino Acids

    Rich Source of Cartenoids

    Helps strengthen the Immune & Cardio Vascular Systems

    Promotes eye health

    Improves fertility and treats sexual dysfunction

  • Down to Earth Aromatic Jade Therapy (2.5 Hours)
  • $ 229


  • From the Far East, one type of Jade was discovered that sends out the delicious fragrance of chocolate. This Jade was formed over the course of millions of years, from the essence of the Earth and its divine and wonderful spirit.

    Herbal Steam Bath – An age-old tradition which has been passed down through generations of skilled practitioners in the temples. Originally, inhaled steam vapor – made from a mixture of fresh and dried essential herbs boiled in water – was used to treat skin ailments, muscle stress, and respiratory problems.

    Jade Aromatherapy for the Body ¨C feel completely revitalized and serene with the ultimate in deep relaxation and purification. Begins with exfoliation to slough away dead skin cells and increase circulation. Followed by our custom Detoxifying Chocolate Jade Stone Technique – created to drain negative energy and restore harmony to the body, mind and spirit. Next ¨C a luxurious body mask followed by a sumptuous cream, rich in Vitamins A & E and enriched with Cocoa Butter to give you a deeply hydrating and nourishing experience.

    Jade Aroma Facial – Our most gentle and soothing facial. Aromatic Jade is used in our Lymphatic Drainage Massage, releasing trapped fluids and toxins beneath the skin, getting rid of bloat and impurities reviving the texture of your skin, leaving it smooth, firm and radiant.

    Hand & Foot Ritual – Pure Pampering for your hands and feet: both are conditioned with aroma-therapeutic oils that smooth and soften rough skin.

  • Resolution Packages (2.5 hours)
  • $ 215


  • DETOX. SHAPE UP & PAMPER YOUR ¡°SELF¡± – Resolutions can be made all year round. Whether you¡¯ve resolved to lose weight, cut back on drinking, quit smoking, or reduce stress, we have a package that is sure to kick-start your lifestyle change.


    Yin Detoxify w/ Lymphatic Drainage: Light touch body work stimulates lymphatic circulation and boosts the immune system, inducing relaxation and flushing out toxins and excess fluids. A powerful blend of cleansing herbs is paired with our special Dead Sea Mud, to purify the body as well as improve skin tone.

    Aroma Essence Facial w/ Lymphatic Drainage: Aromatherapy facial utilizes lymphatic drainage to help purify, calm and soothe the skin.

    **Package begins with your choice of our Herbal Steam Bath or Tibetan Mountain Clay Foot Soak.


    Slimming Treatment w/ Lymphatic Drainage: Our Custom-designed technique to eliminate toxins and burn fat, while improving blood circulation and restoring a positive flow of energy. Lymphatic drainage improves lymphatic circulation and boosts the immune system, inducing relaxation and flushing out toxins and excess fluids. Results in a slimmer, smoother and more firm body.

    Face Contouring: Utilizes our Multi-function bio-system to remove impurities, stimulate circulation, and contour the face.

    **Package begins with your choice of our Herbal Steam Bath or Tibetan Mountain Clay Foot Soak.


    Raindrop Aromatherapy Body Treatment – Therapeutic-grade essential oils are skillfully applied to the back with a deep and soothing application that is sure to relax and revive the body, mind and soul.

    Refresh Facial – Bring back your glow, with this deeply relaxing and cleansing facial.

    **Package begins with your choice of our Herbal Steam Bath or Tibetan Mountain Clay Foot Soak.