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$ 175

Aa skin ages it becomes tired, dull and the pigmentation makes it look uneven and blotchy. Dry and flaky skin loses its firmness and elasticity. By treating the skin with fluid acids, lasting results are obtained in a short time. Gold is the symbol for wel-being. strength and warmth. Gold Renews, revitalizes and its known for its healing powers. The golden shimmer protects against damage from the environment- an excellent way to slow down the aging process. This is combined with a powerful anti-aging peptide that helps minimize lines and wrinkles. With Pure Gold (aurum) to revive cell metabolism that's infused with sea minerals to deliver fresh nutrients to skin, to promote cell regeneration and hydration. Unveil a more radiant, younger looking complexion. Scientific findings about the medical action of gold were the inspiration for this Power of Gold Royal Spa Treatment!